Olng’arua School Photo Journal

a regular peek in to daily life at Olng'arua Community School
  • Leopards do Maths

    Leopards do Maths

    Today the Leopard group are in the dinning hall, a lovely cool space, to tackle some math problems.

  • Olng’arua School Toilets

    Olng’arua School Toilets

    Even the toilets at Olng’arua School are photogenic!

  • Sunset


    There was a lovely sunset over the school this evening. For 9 months of the year we hardly ever see a cloud, something that many of my friends in Scotland would envy, but just a few of them seem to add to the the beauty of the sky.

  • Leopards studying English

    Leopards studying English

    I found three of the Leopard group studying English today. They looked very serious and intent on their work. However, evidence that at least one of them had recently been out rolling in the dust of the local red soil is evident on Moijo’s head. Work hard play hard!

  • Story Telling with the Lion Group

    Story Telling with the Lion Group

    Today the Lion group had a story telling session, they developed their stories using words and pictures. Here are some of the results.

  • Look who we met on our way home from school today.

    Look who we met on our way home from school today.

    Elephants are a wonderful part of our local ecosystem, but normally they don’t go through areas where there are people until after dark (when they rightly guess that most of us are asleep in our houses). It was a treat to meet this lady so close to the school in daylight.

  • Class One

    Class One

    Class one is the first classroom we built. It used to house the whole school but now it is the classroom for the youngest groups, the squirrels (5 and 6 year olds) and the rhinos (7 and 8 year olds). However it has remained the heart of the school, this is where visitors always come …

  • Full Moon Setting Over Il’Ngwesi

    Full Moon Setting Over Il’Ngwesi

    This morning, as I was opening up the school, I watched the full moon setting over the Il’Ngwesi hills, so beautiful.

  • Squirrel Doodling

    Squirrel Doodling

    I walked into class one just as the squirrel group (5 and 6 year olds) rushed out for milk break. A group of them had been sitting around this table with a large sheet of paper and some crayons, doodling.

  • Drawing Dragonflies by the River

    Drawing Dragonflies by the River

    Today some of the Olng’arua School children spent the afternoon observing insects that live by the river, this group are drawing dragonflies.

  • Sunrise at Olng’arua School

    Sunrise at Olng’arua School

    Watching the sunrise next to class two at Olng’arua School.

  • Metian Reads to the Class

    Metian Reads to the Class

    Metian read a story about an elephant to the class today.

  • Rainbow over Olng’arua School

    Rainbow over Olng’arua School

    There was a beautiful double rainbow over the school today.

  • Olng’arua School Kitchen

    Olng’arua School Kitchen

    We are feeding all the children in the community from the Olng’arua School kitchen, weekdays, weekend and holiday, during this hard drought. The amazing cooks produce rice, beans and greens for up to a hundred every lunch time in this tiny little mud walled kitchen. The kids don’t mind where it comes from though, they …

  • Kids investigating the classroom!

    Kids investigating the classroom!

    Baby goats are endlessly curious, and these three were no exception. Given half a chance I think they would have happily munched through several text books and a few pencils, all in the name of investigation….  something we like to encourage in most of our kids, but perhaps not these ones!