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Locusts at Olng’arua School

Locusts swarms have been causing destruction across much of Northern Kenya for several months now. So far we have been lucky, they have passed by us to the north, and south, but not landed on or near the school. That all changed 3 days ago. Reports are that the newly hatched swarms coming out of …

Crowned Cranes

Due to habitat loss the once abundant grey crowned cranes of East Africa are on the decline. Our marsh area was a typical example. It used to be a great breeding habitat for the crowned crane but as it dried up and was heavily grazed the crown cranes were left without a suitable breeding habitat. …

Olng’arua Photo Journal

  • Gardening in the time of Covid

    Gardening in the time of Covid

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Staff at Olng’arua School like a bit of spice in their food. Lucky for them these hot little chilli peppers grow readily here. This bush of peppers seeded itself near the tap outside the staff accommodation.

  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch

  • More hats

    More hats

    Not to be outdone by Natunini some of the boys have also been experimenting with the art of hat making.

  • Natunini Fashion

    Natunini Fashion

    Natunini is almost certainly going to become a milliner, or at the very least a leader in hat fashion. As several photographs on this site will testify, she is often to be seen wearing stylish head gear. This floral arrangement, made from desert rose flowers, is just the latest of this fashionista’s creations.

  • Benefits of a cracked pipe

    Benefits of a cracked pipe

    A crack in a water pipe is a problem for the maintenance team (AKA Kitonga and Moses) but for the rest of us there is a pleasant side effect. As the land and plants all around us take on their long dry season look, of dusty ochre and parched leaflessness, we have a little oasis …