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The last 2 years have been very difficult for the community surrounding Olng’arua School. Violence has resulted in two thirds of the people who lived here being displaced, houses and possessions destroyed, livestock stolen and lives lost. The community was totally unprepared for the violence. Though there have been occasional periods of insecurity in the …

Olng’arua Photo Journal

  • Penila, a teacher in the making.

    Penila, a teacher in the making.

    Penila did a particularly good job of leading the leopards in a story class, encouraging them to engage with the story and discuss what was happening in the text and pictures. Perhaps she may become Olng’arua’s first home grown teacher in years to come.

  • Growing food in a drought is tough!

    Growing food in a drought is tough!

    Trying to keep the school vegetable patch alive when we have to carry all water to the school in buckets and containers is proving hard, but all the ‘grey water’ gets given to the plants and they are hanging in there.

  • Lions feeding squirrels!

    Lions feeding squirrels!

    The Lion group are the oldest kids in the school and they help out around the school in many ways. Here they are serving milk to the squirrel group (the youngest children in the school) during milk break.

  • Dressing up and having fun

    Dressing up and having fun

  • Mums play volleyball

    Mums play volleyball

    The kids take a break and watch while their mothers play volleyball.

  • Grevy’s Zebra

    Grevy’s Zebra

    Grevy’s zebra are endangered but wonderfully they are a common sight around the school. The Olng’arua (marsh in the Maa language) is an important dry season resource for them, as well as other wildlife, and that is one of the reasons why we are working so hard to protect it.