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supporting community education among pastoralist groups in northern Kenya

Olng’arua School News


In the last few weeks the security situation around the school has deteriorated rapidly. It is nearly two years ago that conflict first broke out in this previously calm area. At that time all of those living to the north of the school fled their homes. The school became a shelter during times of fighting, …

Daring News

Olng’arua Photo Journal

  • Tree Planting

    Tree Planting

    To mark his long association with the school we asked Peter Bender to plant at tree when he came to visit us.

  • Cleaning the toilets

    Cleaning the toilets

  • Elephant neighbours

    Elephant neighbours

    There are so many elephants hanging around the school at the moment. Maybe because of the drought, maybe because the places they normally are at this time of year are over run by desperate (and rather aggressive) herders and their livestock. We are happy to have them though, to share our water and even put …

  • Leseyan


  • Washing up!

    Washing up!

  • Home time…

    Home time…