Olng’arua School Photo Journal

a regular peek in to daily life at Olng'arua Community School
  • Elephant on the playing field

    Elephant on the playing field

    There were elephants on the playing field today, they often come into the marsh at night but today they came a bit early. Maybe they wanted to play football with us.

  • Lunchtime!


    The kids can’t get out of the door quickly enough at lunchtime

  • Teacher’s Birthday

    Teacher’s Birthday

    Teacher Lise has a birthday party with the Olng’arua kids

  • Determined to Win

    Determined to Win

    Nothing’s stopping this wee chap getting a medal on Sports Day

  • Squirrel Group Having Fun

    Squirrel Group Having Fun

    We don’t have any swings or slides, climbing frames or sand pits; Olng’arua School doesn’t have any outdoor play equipment….  or does it? The children seem to find plenty in the natural environment around the school to climb on, swing from, dig in and slide down.

  • Hands


  • Andy and medal winners

    Andy and medal winners

    Andy and and some of the many medal winners at the first ever Olng’arua School sports day (organized and run by Andy).

  • Adult learning class at Olng’arua School

    Adult learning class at Olng’arua School

    Women from the local community having fun at their weekly adult learning class. They are learning to read and write.

  • Outdoor Classroom

    Outdoor Classroom

    The netting provides just enough shade and its much more fun than being stuck inside.

  • Mangoes are Pretty Good Too!

    Mangoes are Pretty Good Too!

    Nothing beats a juicy mango after lunch

  • Oranges are Great!

    Oranges are Great!

    Oranges at lunchtime are eagerly awaited.

  • Olng’arua Meets Craignish

    Olng’arua Meets Craignish

    The pupils at Olng’arua meet their counterparts from Craignish in Argyll, Scotland