Olng’arua School Photo Journal

a regular peek in to daily life at Olng'arua Community School
  • Maryann serves great lunches

    Maryann serves great lunches

  • Social Distance

    Social Distance

    We are still social distancing, are you? With luck we are in the last stage of this long haul, we all just got to keep it together and then, soon, we can safely be together!

  • The New Normal

    The New Normal

    No! Not boys in the kitchen, that’s old news. The new normal is keeping at least a metre distance between you while doing normal things like cooking.

  • Craftwork is better with plenty of space

    Craftwork is better with plenty of space

    Finding positives in the new normal. For example there are many things, like arts and crafts, that work better if you have plenty of space to yourself.

  • The Boys Are Back In Town

    The Boys Are Back In Town

    Well, they are back in school actually, which is just as fun!

  • Gardening in the time of Covid

    Gardening in the time of Covid

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Staff at Olng’arua School like a bit of spice in their food. Lucky for them these hot little chilli peppers grow readily here. This bush of peppers seeded itself near the tap outside the staff accommodation.

  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch

  • More hats

    More hats

    Not to be outdone by Natunini some of the boys have also been experimenting with the art of hat making.

  • Natunini Fashion

    Natunini Fashion

    Natunini is almost certainly going to become a milliner, or at the very least a leader in hat fashion. As several photographs on this site will testify, she is often to be seen wearing stylish head gear. This floral arrangement, made from desert rose flowers, is just the latest of this fashionista’s creations.

  • Benefits of a cracked pipe

    Benefits of a cracked pipe

    A crack in a water pipe is a problem for the maintenance team (AKA Kitonga and Moses) but for the rest of us there is a pleasant side effect. As the land and plants all around us take on their long dry season look, of dusty ochre and parched leaflessness, we have a little oasis …

  • Hula Hooping

    Hula Hooping

  • Beans and Sweet Potatoes

    Beans and Sweet Potatoes

    These members of the Rhino group are hoping the elephants won’t find their little vegetable sack garden, hidden as it is behind the dinning hall.

  • Ladies who Lunch

    Ladies who Lunch

    Two young ladies from the Rhino group, enjoying a moment of quiet in the dinning hall before the main lunch crowd comes in.

  • Useful Life Lesson from Olng’arua School

    Useful Life Lesson from Olng’arua School

    #46 How to carry a table when you are small.