Olng’arua School Photo Journal

a regular peek in to daily life at Olng'arua Community School
  • Growing food in a drought is tough!

    Growing food in a drought is tough!

    Trying to keep the school vegetable patch alive when we have to carry all water to the school in buckets and containers is proving hard, but all the ‘grey water’ gets given to the plants and they are hanging in there.

  • Lions feeding squirrels!

    Lions feeding squirrels!

    The Lion group are the oldest kids in the school and they help out around the school in many ways. Here they are serving milk to the squirrel group (the youngest children in the school) during milk break.

  • Dressing up and having fun

    Dressing up and having fun

  • Mums play volleyball

    Mums play volleyball

    The kids take a break and watch while their mothers play volleyball.

  • Grevy’s Zebra

    Grevy’s Zebra

    Grevy’s zebra are endangered but wonderfully they are a common sight around the school. The Olng’arua (marsh in the Maa language) is an important dry season resource for them, as well as other wildlife, and that is one of the reasons why we are working so hard to protect it.

  • The wheelbarrow race

    The wheelbarrow race

    Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy the wheelbarrow race? Excessive laughter caused several of the competitors to withdraw from the race early (collapsed in fits of giggles), only the most highly disciplined made it to the end.

  • Tree Planting

    Tree Planting

    To mark his long association with the school we asked Peter Bender to plant at tree when he came to visit us.

  • Cleaning the toilets

    Cleaning the toilets

  • Elephant neighbours

    Elephant neighbours

    There are so many elephants hanging around the school at the moment. Maybe because of the drought, maybe because the places they normally are at this time of year are over run by desperate (and rather aggressive) herders and their livestock. We are happy to have them though, to share our water and even put …

  • Leseyan


  • Washing up!

    Washing up!

  • Home time…

    Home time…

  • Hanging out before fieldwork

    Hanging out before fieldwork

  • Olng’arua Sky

    Olng’arua Sky

  • Losaku


    A sprinkling of dirt just seems to make him even happier.